Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Genealogists & Tombstones

Do you ever admire another genealogists work online?
I happened to notice that another lady was working on my husband's family lines. When I looked at cemetery information from Ohio I kept running into Kris Kuhn as the publisher.
After a family wedding last year my sister in law asked me, "Do you know Kris Kuhn?" I told her, "No, but I recognize her name." We made contact and were able to do some cemetery work together in Delphos, Ohio.
Kris has been doing genealogy for years, and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. At the cemetery she taught me how to mark and read old tombstones without defacing the surfaces. She helped translate the German words to English on the oldest tombstones in the cemetery.
This tombstone for Franz Wiechart was one of the unique tombstones found in the oldest section of St. John's Cemetery, Delphos, Ohio. It is all metal, with a marble base, and has printing on both sides. Because the wording is raised we were able to chalk it and read the inscription.

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