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American Indian Genealogy

Champlain Cox was an American Indian that fought in the Mexican American War. He was married to Ellender Bunch and lived in Greene County, Indiana.

Descendants of Champlain Cox

Generation No. 1
1. CHAMPLAIN1 COX He married ELLENDER BUNCH 01 Jan 1850 in Greene Co, Indiana.
i. LUCRESAE2 COX, b. 1847; m. UNK, 20 Feb 1885, Greene Co, Indiana.
ii. JESSE R. COX, b. 1860; m. UNK, 08 Oct 1885, Greene Co, Indiana.
2. iii. EVAN COX, b. 19 Jun 1867; d. 01 Aug 1971, Greene County, Indiana.

Generation No. 2
2. EVAN2 COX (CHAMPLAIN1) was born 19 Jun 1867, and died 01 Aug 1971 in Greene County, Indiana. He married WINIFRED H. HUNTER 28 May 1893 in Greene County, Indiana, daughter of WILLIAM HUNTER and EMILY BUCKNER. She was born 25 Oct 1875 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 16 Feb 1962 in Greene County, Indiana.
Notes for EVAN COX:
His grave marker states that he lived to be 104 years old.
Oneta Crites wrote: "Oh, how Winfred loved Winnie, she got pneumonia and he walked several miles to visit her; he took a cold that went into pneumonia and they both died about two weeks apart at 86 years of age.
Children of EVAN COX and WINIFRED HUNTER are:
i. CLAUDE3 COX, b. 19 Oct 1893, Greene County, Indiana; d. 16 Dec 1987, Greene County, Indiana; m. GRACE; b. 12 Aug 1901; d. 03 Sep 1981, Indiana.
ii. ELMA COX, b. 1896, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1992.
3. iii. ZELMA COX, b. 1896, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1989.
iv. BRONSO COX, b. 09 Feb 1899, Greene County, Indiana; d. 22 Oct 1984, Greene Co, Indiana; m. ROSALIE; b. 12 Mar 1905; d. 18 Dec 1969, Greene County, Indiana.
v. ELLA COX, b. 14 Aug 1901, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1901, Indiana; m. ALZA CLUMBOUGH, 09 Mar 1918, Greene Co, Indiana.
vi. DELMER COX, b. 1902, Greene Co, IN.
vii. ELMER COX, b. 1902, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1976, Bridgeport, Conn.; m. BELL.
viii. ESTAL COX, b. 08 Nov 1906, Greene County, Indiana; d. 09 Feb 1989, Greene County, Indiana; m. (1) MARIE JOSEPHINE MILLER; b. 27 Feb 1911; m. (2) WILMA JEAN MARTINDALE, Greene Co, Indiana.
ix. WILLIAM COX, b. 1909, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1973, Louisanna; m. JEAN.
x. DOVIE COX, b. 1911, Greene County, Indiana; m. LOUIS WEAKS.
xi. EVA COX, b. 1913, Greene County, Indiana; m. EARL PULSE.
4. xii. GENEVA COX, b. 1913, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1995.
xiii. MAC COX, b. 1915, Greene County, Indiana; d. 1988, Greene County, Indiana.

Generation No. 3
3. ZELMA3 COX (EVAN2, CHAMPLAIN1) was born 1896 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 1989. She married RAYMOND MCCELLAN PITTMAN.
Children of ZELMA COX and RAYMOND PITTMAN are:
i. LEONA4 PITTMAN, b. Abt. 1922.
ii. NAOMA PITTMAN, b. Abt. 1922.

4. GENEVA3 COX (EVAN2, CHAMPLAIN1) was born 1913 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 1995. She married ELMO SHIELDS. He was born 1910, and died 1977.
i. REX4 SHIELDS, b. 13 Mar 1932, Greene Co, IN.


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