Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where has Soul Food gone?

We have become a country of fast food restaurants. Our culture has become a "melting pot" of quick meals and in a hurry eating. Cultural foods and recipes are taken out of their recipe boxes only on special occasions and holidays.

Most young people today do not know the difference between "scratch" cooking and convience foods. Teens often are given the responsibility of feeding the family. They don't know what nutritious foods are, or how to prepare foods from recipes.

Are package directions the recipes of the future?

Can cooking shows replace grandma's food cooked with love in the kitchen?

We must save the soul of our food cooked at home. Food cooked by traditional family recipes, and made with love for family and friends can never be replaced. Soul food must be taught and practiced so it is not lost like canning, and preserving food at home has been lost.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Six Hunter Sisters

These three pictures of the six Hunter sisters tell of happy times the six sisters shared together. The six Hunter sisters of Winfred & Elsie (Huffman) Hunter were: Ona Mae Hunter born 9 Feb 1900; Ruby Emily Hunter born 6 Sep 1901; Mary Belle Hunter born 25 Feb 1910; Blanche Inez Hunter born 19 Jun 1912; Audrey N. Hunter born 23 Nov 1914; and Evelyn O. Hunter born 22 Dec 1916.
The first picture taken of all six sisters together in their straw hats. There mother bought straw hats and dressed them in there Sunday best dresses and lined them up to take pictures. There were two brothers not pictured, two more boys were born later. This picture was taken in about 1918. The second picture was taken about 1924. The third picture was taken about 1950.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Genealogy Trading Card

If U were 2 share your genealogy work in 2 minutes what would U say?

Cherryteatime Coffee this morning Butterscotch Toffee. Very good. If U shared your genealogy work in 2 minutes what would U say? Just wondering.
Cherryteatime 2 shorten & condense genealogy. List the famous people in history that U R related 2. Mine R Daniel Boone & Geo Washington. #genealogy
Cherryteatime 2 shorten & condense genealogy. Give the list of family names that you are researching. #genealogy
Andrews, Baber, Benham, Bland, Buckner, Bogard, Bryan, Bryant, Buckner, Calvert, Clark, Crites, Gentry, Goodwin, Hamilton, Hobbs, Hodges, Huffman, Hunter, King, Lamb, Lanier, Lester, Long, McCain, McFarland, Owen, Pickard, Stalcup, Starks, Turley, Vandeventer, Washington.
Cherryteatime 2 shorten & condense genealogy. Give the number of people you have listed on your computer. #genealogy
7416 total number of individuals
2465 total number of marriages
22 total number of generations
1520 total number of surnames
Cherryteatime 2 shorten & condense genealogy. Use geography. Our family came from & moved across the pond, & settled in the state of... #genealogy
Our family were Ulster Scots that moved across the pond. The Calverts moved first to Virginia, and then to Indiana. The Hunters moved first to North Carolina, then to Greene County Indiana.
Cherryteatime 2 shorten & condense genealogy. As Gr Grandma said, "They were all good people." Or mention 1 person that stands out the most. #genealogy
Gr Grandma Hunter’s Mother in Law…
1. MICKEY ANN1 PICKARD (WILLIAMA, HENRYB PACKARD, WILLIAMC, WILLIAM HENRYD PICKARD, NICHOLASE, BARTHOLOMEWF, BARTHOLOMEWG, ROBERTH, JOHNI, ROBERTJ, JOHNK) was born 26 Mar 1850 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 19 Jan 1929 in Greene County, Indiana1. She was raised by her maternal grandparents the Hodges. She married three Civil War Vets, and then a German immigrant. She married (1) THOMAS CRITES 07 Mar 1867 in Greene County, Indiana, son of WILLIAM CRITES and MARY DORROUGH. He was born 15 Sep 1844 in Perry (or Wayne County), Ashland, Ohio2, and died 15 Jul 1876 in Greene County, Indiana. She married (2) SOLOMON IRWIN 23 Sep 1877 in Greene County, Indiana3. He was born 1810 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1900. She married (3) JOHN J. CLIFFT 22 Oct 1893 in Greene County, Indiana4, son of THOMAS CLIFFT and MELINDA JONES. He was born 22 Feb 1837 in KY. She married (4) JOHN JENSON 04 Apr 1901 in Greene County, Indiana, son of DAVID JENSON and MARY JOHNSON. He was born 24 Aug 1851 in Germany.
Cherryteatime If U had 2 share your genealogy work in 2 minutes what would U say? Just try & tweet your genealogy story. It is difficult. #genealogy

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Madness

Mickey Pickard Crites is still keeping her secrets.
Update from July is that I got a copy's of her death record and guardianship record. The question now is Goodwin or Goodman cemetery? One cemetery was lost to a strip mine.