Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Question of Paternity?

Grandma Ocie (Hallock) Sheets would be turning over in her grave if she knew that someone on line was questioning the paternity of her grandfather George W. Hallock, and posting it where others could see. She was quiet and reserved, strong of faith, and never spoke evil of anyone. She was proud of her parents and often spoke of her mother Ethel (Card) Hallock. She told us of the farming accident that killed her father Claude C. Hallock, and she kept newspaper clipping about it in her Bible.
Her Bible was worn and tattered, and held favorite verses, notes, and important Hallock family records. I realized the importance of her family records while working on our family genealogy, and that is why I published her Bible records last year.
So what is the problem? Well, someone posted misinformation on line, and went to the US Census records on Ancestry and posted comments that there was a question about our Great Grandfathers paternity.
Why did this happen? Because there was a misprint in a Hallock family genealogy book. I had seen the misprint, before it lists George as being born before his father. Well, who is going to believe a book that prints such information, and then doesn’t correct it in the next book? Genealogy mistakes like this are why NSDAR and other linage societies are so careful about what proofs can be used for verification.
Was it really necessary to soil the good name of Hallock? This problem or question was not something new to me; I have been trying to solve this puzzle for years. I have studied and researched records and books at the ACPL, and sent for birth and death records.
Here is what I know to be truthful facts: George W. Hallock is a Hallock from Mattituck, Long Island, New York, and he moved to Fowler, Ohio when he was 18 years old to be a teacher. He did not return to Long Island, but decided to stay and raise his family in Ohio. By newspaper accounts in Long Island, the family farm was later sold to a circus. About the time that the newspaper printed one Mrs. Hallock ran away from her husband to New York City with Burt Popper. Now that is a family scandal, I will share sometime.
 Notes regarding George W. Hallock and James B. Hallock.

11. PHEBE3 BORDEN (PHEBE2 BUSHNELL, ALEXANDER1, WILLIAMA, WILLIAMB, JOHNC, JOHND, FRANCISE, FRANCISF)14 was born 06 Feb 1809, and died 18 Apr 1870. She married GEORGE W. HALLOCK14 10 Jun 1829, son of JAMES HALLOCK and ? (ELIZABETH TOWNSEND?). He was born 23 Nov 1798 in Mattituck, Long Island, New York, and died 18 Apr 1870 in Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio.

From A Hallock Genealogy, by Lucius H.Hallock, 1928, page 323-324.
George W. Hallock. T.8. George 7. James Esq. 6. d.7.
Was son of George, of Fowler, O. Was born Nov. 23, 1798. Married Phebe Borden June 10, 1829. She was born Feb. 6, 1809. Children: 1. Asahel, born May 7, 1830. Killed by a horse, Aug. 31, 1849. 2. James B., born 1833. 3. Charles F., born 1838. Twin. 4. Amelia-Kellog, born 1838. Twin. Mr. Hallock was a farmer of Youngstown, O.

i. ASAHEL B.4 HALLOCK14, b. 07 May 1830; d. 31 Aug 1849, Hartford Township, Ohio.
15. ii. JAMES B. HALLOCK, b. 22 Feb 1833, Mattituck, Long Island, NY; d. 17 Oct 1908, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio.
16. iii. CHARLES F. HALLOCK, b. 19 Mar 1838, Ohio; d. 1910, Hartford Twp, Trumbull Co, OH.
17. iv. AMELIA HALLOCK, b. 19 Mar 1838, Ohio.

15. JAMES B.4 HALLOCK (PHEBE3 BORDEN, PHEBE2 BUSHNELL, ALEXANDER1, WILLIAMA, WILLIAMB, JOHNC, JOHND, FRANCISE, FRANCISF)16 was born 22 Feb 1833 in Mattituck, Long Island, NY, and died 17 Oct 1908 in Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio. He married HARRIET KELLOGG17 1855, daughter of ENOCH KELLOGG and LUCY LOOMIS. She was born 28 Nov 1833 in Fowler, Trumbull Co, Ohio, and died 08 Jun 1915 in Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio.

From A Hallock Genealogy, by Lucius H. Hallock, 1928, page 388.
James B. Hallock. T.9. Gorge (should be George) W. 8. George 7. d.7.
Was son of George W. and Phebe-Hallock. Was born Feb. 22, 1833, and died Oct. 17, 1908. Married Harriet Kellogg about 1855. She died June 8, 1915. Children:1. Mabel Estelle, born about 1857. Died at 24 of typhoid. 2. Claude, born about 1860. 3. George Goldsmith, born 1868. James Hallock was a farmer of Mattituck, L.I.

i. MABEL ESTELLE5 HALLOCK, b. 1868, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio; d. 28 Sep 1892, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio Died at age 24 of typhoid..
ii. GEORGE GOLDSMITH HALLOCK, b. 1868, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio; d. Aft. 1906, Ashtabula, Ohio.
iii. CLAUDE C. HALLOCK, b. 15 Aug 1873, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio; d. 20 Oct 1906, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio18; m. ETHEL CARD, 25 Sep 1898, Fowler, Trumbull County, Ohio19; b. 31 Oct 1879, Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio; d. 05 May 1944, Sisseton, Roberts County, South Dakota.

17. The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, by Timothy Hopkins, Vol. 1-3, Sunset Press, San Francisco, CA 1903., 415.
18. Trumbull County Probate Court-Death Record, Recorded Vol. 3, 1894-1908 Page 111, Claude C. Hallock.
20. Bushnell Family Genealogy, Ancestry and Posterity of Francis Bushnell (1580-1646) of Horsham, Eng & Guilford, Conn, by George Bushnell, Nashville, TN, 1945, 210.

 Mattituck, Long Island, NY. Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock son of James Esq., and brother to George W. Hallock had his biography written in the 1882 edition of the History of Suffolk County, New York, with Illustrations, Portraits, & Sketches of Prominent Families and Individuals, published in New York, by J.W. Munsell & Co, 36 Vesey Street, 1882, pages 55 & 56.

 From the book: The Hallock-Holyoke Pedigree And Collateral Branches In the United States Being a Revision of the Hallock Ancestry of 1866, Prepared by Rev. Wm. A. Hallock, D.D., With additions and tracings of family genealogies to the present date and generation, By Charles Hallock, M. A. , Amherst, Mass: Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, 1906.
Pages 14 & 15.
2. James, died Mattituck 1775, aged 44, wills to five sons: James, Jeremiah, Benjamin, William, Thomas. James, Esq., died March 5, 1852, aged 90, had three sons: Benjamin Goldsmith; Charles, merchant in New York, father of James; and George, in Fowler, Ohio. Dea. Jeremiah, Cayuga, N.Y., died June 10, 1854, aged 83; had sons William J. and George B., father of William R. and George F. Benjamin died 1794, aged 21. William settled at Washtenau, Mich., father of Franklin of Cazenovia, Nelson, and James. Thomas, Smithtown Branch, born July 11, 1768, died Jan. 7, 1854, father of James.
**James, died Mattituck 1775, aged 44, (his son) James, Esq., died March 5, 1852, age 90, James 2nd had three sons: Benjamin Goldsmith; Charles, merchant in New York, and George, in Fowler, Ohio.

 The Trumbull County, Ohio death record of G.W. Hallock 1870, 72 years old, place of birth Long Island, N.Y. His grandson’s death record, my great grandfather Claude C. Hallock 1906, 33 years, 2 mos. And 5 days.

 US Census Trumbull Co, OH George Hallock 51, Phebe Hallock his wife 42, James Hallock (my great grandfather) 17, Amelia Hallock 12, and Charles Hallock 12.

 Trumbull County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1800-1930, compiled by Members of the Trumbull County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
Page 110 Cemetery record for George Hallock died 4/18/1870.

 Trumbull County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1800-1930, compiled by Members of the Trumbull County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
Page 112
Cemetery records for James Hallock born 1833, died 1908, Harriett h/wf born 1833, died 1913, Mabel E. born 1868, died 1892, and Claude C. (my great grandfather) born 1873, died 1906.

 Trumbull County Ohio Newspaper Obituary Abstracts 1812 – 1870, by Michael Clegg, Ohio Newspaper Abstracts Series, Volume I – 1981, page 95.
Western Reserve Chronicle newspaper, 4 May 1870, George Hallock, res Fowler, 18 Apr, inflammation of kidneys, 72y, b. Long Island, came to Trumbull Co, when a young man, his wife a dau of Asahel Borden of Hartford.

 Early Marriages of Trumbull County, Ohio, 1800 – 1865, as Compiled by Mrs. Roscoe Winnagle, 1973, page 25. George Hallock and Phebe Bordon, Marriage date 6-10-1829, and James K. Hallock and Harriet Kellogg marriage date 4-17-1861.