Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hunter Family in Scotland and England

The Hunter family is of royal descent from Edward I, King of England, through his second son, Edmund, Earl of Kent, whose daughter, Lady Joan Plantagenet, was the wife of Thomas, Lord Holland. Her great-great-granddaughter, Princess Jane Stuart, became the wife of George Gordon, Second Earl of Huntly and Lord Chancellor. Their daughter, Lady Isabel Gordon, was married to William Hay, third Earl of Erroll. Their great-grandson, Andrew Hay, became the seventh Earl. By his wife, Lady Agnes Sinclair, daughter of the fourth Earl of Caithness, he had a son, Hon. Sir George Hay, of Killour, who married Elizabette, daughter of Sir Patrick Cheyne, of Esselmont. Their daughter, Anne, became the wife of William Moray of Abercairney, who died in 1642. Their son, Robert Moray, was knighted by Charles I. His daughter, Anne, married David Graham, of Fintry, ninth Earl in descent from William Graham of Kincardine and the Lady, Mary Stuart. Their daughter, Amelia Graham became the wife of Alexander Hunter, of Blackness, Co. Forfer, in 1741. From the book Hunter Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver, 1929, page C of the Introduction.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hunter Martyrs

John Foxes’ Book of Martyrs tells the story of two Hunter Brothers, William and Robert Hunter.
William Hunter, (d. 1555), was a Weaver's apprentice and martyr. William Hunter refused to attend mass in London in 1553; he returned home to Brentwood, Essex. He was denounced to Thomas Wood, the vicar of South Weald, for reading scriptures in English. He was examined by Wood, who denounced William Hunter to Anthony Browne. Hunter was brought before Browne and interrogated; Hunter was then sent to Bonner by Browne. William Hunter was examined by Bonner and condemned. Hunter was detained by Bonner for nine months, during which time the bishop tried both harsh and lenient treatment to persuade him to recant. Hunter was examined by Bishop Bonner on 8 February 1555; he was condemned by Bishop Bonner on 9 February 1555. William Hunter was then condemned by Bishop Bonner. William Hunter was sent to Brentwood to be burned. Hunter refused pressure at his execution to recant and died constantly on 26 March 1555. Hunter wrote a short letter to his mother shortly before his martyrdom.
Robert Hunter, Brother of William Hunter, supplied Foxe with the account of his brother's martyrdom. Robert Hunter was imprisoned in the stocks and interrogated by Anthony Browne. Robert Hunter witnessed his brother's condemnation on 9 February 1555. At his brother's execution, Robert refused to attempt to persuade William to recant; instead he encouraged him. William at the stake gave Robert his Psalter.
From: John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update Grandma's Bible

Grandma's Bible has been transcribed and indexed. It has been given to the ACPL and will be part of the Bible records for Allen County, Indiana!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday To Our Son!

We have both celebrated this day for 25 years. One quarter of a century.

9,125 days. Many of the days I remember his first day at school, learning to ride a bike, and the day he learned to play the guitar. There are days that you remember too. Some days we remember together, his graduation from High School, and the day of his birth.

We share a precious bond of motherhood to our son, yours through birth, mine through adoption.

Happy 25th Birthday to our son!

Thank you Lisa.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mickey Pickard

Sometimes genealogists are like farmers planting seeds and waiting for the harvest. We leave postings on message boards, and then we wait and see what happens. Will we get a response, or not? Mickey Pickard and her son Charles have been a puzzle. But the seeds were planted and here is latest news on great grandmother Mickey Pickard.
Posting on message board:
Looking for Mickey Pickard b 1842 & her son, Charles Crites b 1874 in Greene Co, IN to Thomas & Mickey (Pickard) Crites. 1900 US Census shows Mickey (Crites) married to Solomon Irwin with the Crites children. A later Census (1910?) shows Mickey Crites living with her son Charles Crites. Family member says, "Charles married a cousin, moved out west, and was never heard from again." (This Charles Crites is not the one b 1895 to William Crites.) Supplemental Marriage Record for John & Mickey Jenson show Mickey's birthday as March 27, 1850.
From my Family Tree Records:
MICKEY ANNA PICKARD (WILLIAMA, HENRYB PACKARD, WILLIAMC, WILLIAM HENRYD PICKARD, NICHOLASE, BARTHOLOMEWF, BARTHOLOMEWG, ROBERTH, JOHNI, ROBERTJ, JOHNK) was born 27 Mar 1850 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 19 Jan 1929 in Greene County, Indiana1. She married (1) THOMAS CRITES 07 Mar 1867 in Greene County, Indiana, son of WILLIAM CRITES and MARY DORROUGH. He was born 15 Sep 1844 in Perry (or Wayne County), Ashland, Ohio2, and died 15 Jul 1876 in Greene County, Indiana. She married (2) SOLOMON IRWIN 23 Sep 1877 in Greene County, Indiana3. He was born 1810 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1900. She married (3) JOHN J. CLIFFT 22 Oct 1893 in Greene County, Indiana4, son of THOMAS CLIFFT and MELINDA JONES. He was born 22 Feb 1837 in KY. She married (4) JOHN JENSON 04 Apr 1901 in Greene County, Indiana, son of DAVID JENSON and MARY JOHNSON. He was born 24 Aug 1851 in Germany.
Just this week:
Sue Wilcox of the Greene County Historical Society was able to borrow the Myers Funeral Home record books, and found information on my great grandmother Mickey Pickard.
Mickey is buried in the Goodwin Cemetery in Highland Twp according to this book. She is listed as the w/o John Genson, place of death was at residence in Worthington, a Dr. Johnson was attending physician. Mickey Anna was born 3-27-1850, the d/o William Pickard b. OH and Mary Hodges, b. OH. , she was a housekeeper, date of death, Jan 19, 1929. The funeral was scheduled for Jan 21, 1929 at 2 p.m. Funeral service was at the residence. Rev. Chastain was Methodist I think. The total for the funeral was $161.75, can you imagine. Her casket was manufactured at Batesville, a Memphis 6/3 Silver gray hinge cap. The cost of the casket was $125, dress $22.50, hose $1.25 and the underwear was $1.00, and the charge went to her husband John Genson.