Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where has Soul Food gone?

We have become a country of fast food restaurants. Our culture has become a "melting pot" of quick meals and in a hurry eating. Cultural foods and recipes are taken out of their recipe boxes only on special occasions and holidays.

Most young people today do not know the difference between "scratch" cooking and convience foods. Teens often are given the responsibility of feeding the family. They don't know what nutritious foods are, or how to prepare foods from recipes.

Are package directions the recipes of the future?

Can cooking shows replace grandma's food cooked with love in the kitchen?

We must save the soul of our food cooked at home. Food cooked by traditional family recipes, and made with love for family and friends can never be replaced. Soul food must be taught and practiced so it is not lost like canning, and preserving food at home has been lost.